I’m a magnet for cool links.  People keep sending me things to look at.  Some are great and some, well, just aren’t so great.  I’ll post some of the better ones here.  Of course they are all child friendly.

If you have a favorite passover link, please leave it in the comments section.

20 things to do with Matzah Updated 4/12/11 at 10:25am

P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R a cappella Updated 4/11/11 at 11:04pm

A Google Passover Updated 4/6/11 at 11:13am HT to Jacki Post Ashkin and my favorite this year!

Dayenu, Coming Home – The Fountainheads Passover Song

Best Seder in the USA (The Passover Song)

Are you Smarter than a 10 year old Passover Dilemma

Passover Seder Symbols Song

Shalom Sesame – Kids Talk: The Four Questions

Shalom Sesame – Les Matzarables

The Passover Story like you’ve never seen it

Who Let The Jews Out

The Passover Story of the Four Sons…Brought to Life

Matzo Man

A Robotic Seder